How I feel about the 1st month of college

As told by Disney GIFS.

Right about now everyone should be back to school. (Even my friends in Madrid) I have been back for just about a month now.

Here’s a list of thoughts and feelings I’ve compiled on the first 4 weeks of being back to school.

1st week: “Who are these people? What are these papers? Where’d my favorite restaurant go?”

A lot of emotions I felt during the first week were just confused and lost. I couldn’t remember what the names of the buildings were or how long it would take to get from one point to the other. I was given all these papers and part of me wanted to throw them away! And then I found out a couple of the places I liked to eat or hang out at got shut down or was under construction. Fabulous.

2nd week: “Oh, I actually need to buy the textbook? No, I’m not a freshman.”

Getting back into the swing of things is difficult. Everyone knows it. I forgot how to do things online for school. And my hand kept cramping up while I wrote and I couldn’t keep up with the notes. People kept asking if I was new because I asked weird questions. NO I HAVE BEEN HERE FOR 3 YEARS.

3rd week: “No I don’t want to be your friend. Why are you in my seat?”

This is the time where you usually would start trying to find people to study with or to hang out with. But see, I don’t want that. I like my solidarity, I like not having to talk to anyone in class. It’s cool. I’m cool with it. Be cool with it too. And I thought there was an unspoken rule where if I’ve sat in a spot in the room for the first 2 weeks ITS MINE. SO HOW COME WHEN I WALK ON UP IN CLASS AND SOME GIRL IS IN MY SPOT. And then I have to sit somewhere else and whoever I sit next to will try to talk to me cause they don’t understand that I want to be antisocial this semester.

4th week: “I’m over it. Bought to drop out and live my life as a wandering snapchat addict.”

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am just not good at school. I enjoy it, sure, but there’s just so much going on that I can’t seem to keep my focus on anything for too long. It’s extremely difficult too motivate myself to make more friends, and I don’t know. I’m just ready to finish this chapter in my life and start the next one. BUT. I need to finish.

If any of y’all feel the same, it’s okay!! Don’t let it be the end of you! Power on and just think “at the end of this tunnel, there’s a new world out there!”

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