10 Things I Learned About Myself After Coming to College

College is a time for self-exploration.

Whether you realize the changes are happening or not it’s almost certain that you won’t be the same person you were arriving to a higher-level institution as you are leaving it.

Here is a list I compiled of the changes I noticed heading into the second half of my third year:

1. What’s makeup again?

The last time I wore a full face of makeup was definitely months ago. I honestly don’t even remember the last I even spent money on makeup. When I was in high school I tried really hard to make sure I always had a lot of makeup on. Now my everyday makeup look consists of filling in my eyebrows, maybe concealer if I have particularly red spots that day, mascara and if I’m feeling fancy, skin toned Matte lip cream by NYX and black eyeliner. 

The pressure to put on make up has gone and left for good. I even think I look weird with too much make up on, like my skin color is fake, which I guess it is at that point. And now I’m not spending ridiculous amounts of money buying colored, pressed dust to put on my eyelids. It’s great!

2. Laundry is not a priority.

I don’t know about y’all, but doing laundry for is always at the bottom of my list. I don’t have time, or money, to be doing laundry multiple times a week. If I reuse shorts or a shirt, no one is going to know because A) I don’t have class with the same people everyday and B) all I do is sit in class or the library so it’s not like my clothes are being put through duress and smell weird on the second day.

In high school I used to keep track of how long it had been since I wore a certain pair of jeans or a certain scarf or anything really. Not like anyone paid attention because I for sure never remembered what other people wore on a week-to-week basis.

3. It’s always a good time for a nap.

Y’all, I love naps. I live for naps, thrive off them, need them. It is always a good time for a nap. I go home in between class just to take a solid 30 min nap. I almost wish it was a profession because I’d make that my life time job.

4. Glasses for days.

Remember how I said I don’t enjoy spending time on makeup anymore? Well that goes with poking my eyeballs to put a plastic film in them when I’m running on 4 hours of sleep and my eyes still sting from the night before. No way José am I going to go through agonizing irritation just to look slightly better than usually.

So glasses = in! And contacts = maybe when I’ve had more sleep and I’m not rushing to a class that I may or may not be 5 minutes late for.

5. Saving money = yay fun!

Before college I was always in a rush to spend my paycheck. I would put thinks in my cart on online stores and wait till payday came just so I could hit that check out button.

The last things I’ve paid for were (in order): car insurance(15 days early!), and gas.  The money I have left over after bills I put it in a jar I call the “Fun Fund.” Proud to say that I have $50 in there currently! I’m not gonna lie, I spent what was actually in there on Christmas presents and Mexican beer. Don’t judge me, it’s fine.

6. Hair look crazy? It’s cool.

I definitely have my hair plain Jane down daily and at least twice a week wear a baseball cap. Y’all, I don’t have time or energy to put corrective lenses in my eyeballs. I definitely am not doing my hair. It does its own thing, and I’m happy to say that I get so many compliments on just that fact!

7. Question? I’ll ask it.

I spoke a lot in high school, participated, whatever you want to call it. But I hardly ever asked questions. I didn’t want the other students to think I was falling behind. Which was ridiculous cause I guarantee that all those other high school suckers were struggling as well.

Now, I ask aaaaaallllllllll the questions. I’m not afraid of looking dumb, I pay my students bills! I’m not going to let my money go to waste because I’m scared of looking ‘ignant’.

8. Define friend.

Growing up I always tried to have as many friends as possible, now I’m happy that I have maybe 7 good friends in total? The stress of having to keep up with too many people has taught me that a few really great friends means more than many close acquaintances. I’m happy that when something changes in my life there’s not too many people I need to tell about it.

9. The great gift of minimizing.

All my life I have heard my mother call me a hoarder, a pack rat, too sentimental. And I fought her tooth and nail every time she would come into my room for some “spring cleaning” (her version of tourtre). I literally used to keep everything! If you can think it, I probably had it. Recently I walked into my room and decided to throw away 9 bags of stuff. I’ve never felt more free.

10. If you’re scared, do it.

I used to never do anything new or scary. Rollercoaster? Nu-uhn. Norwegian food? Ew. Jumping out of a plane? HA. No. I can’t believe how much I’ve missed out on because I was scared to do things. I’m never making that mistake again.

So shout out to college for making me a better person! At least in my opinion. Your no babying ways are admirable and I can’t wait to see who I’ll be after graduation. 

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