Book Review: Darkfever

Alright y’all. Let me just start by saying:


Because honestly, I have been missing out, and if you still have yet to read the Fever Series, you are too. Take my word for it. Karen has some magical powers with her writing, she grips you without you realizing it. She makes you throw your schedule away because nothing can possibly be as important as the characters you are reading out. Unfortunately I found this series at the end of my winter break, going into the second semester of my junior year. Talk about back timing.

I’m six books deep and I don’t think I’ll be able to put any of them down until I catch up to the latest edition in the story.

Did I tell you that it’s an ongoing series? Thank THE BOOK GOD. Because seriously guys, I’m not ready to part ways yet. I’m having separation anxiety before the separation has even begun.

Let me give you an introduction on the characters that appear in this novel:

MacKayla “Mac” Lane


22 years old, bartender, sun-worshiper and southern belle. I wouldn’t say she’s sheltered but the way she changes in the story, it gives you that sort of feeling about her. She has no idea what’s about to happen to her – all she wants is for her sister’s murder to be taken seriously. Her world comes crashing down when she receives a phone call at the end of summer and sends her into a spiraling adventure that has twist after turn making her question who she should trust and who she’s better off without.

A great thing about Mac, in my opinion, is that she is so believable and relatable. Time after time I realize that the way she reacts to things is exactly how I react to them as I read her story. You may at times find her downright annoying, but honestly in the end you’re glad she’s the girl you’re reading about.

Jericho Z Barons


Rough around the edges, Barrons is your typical old battered soul in a beautiful body. He’s extremely seriously and only need-to-know. Mac and Barrons do not get along very well, they tolerate each other because they need each other but if Barrons could figure out how to get what he wanted without the help of “Ms. Lane,” Mac, he would. And he would dispose of her in the process. Even though he is like this, there is just something about him that makes you want to do whatever he asks for.



The last character I’m going to touch on is the Seelie Prince who has a questionable interest in our main girl. V’lane is entitled and while he isn’t self adsorbed – he does think that the cause he is fighting for is the greater one. He is the perfect adonis and if her were not Fae, I imagine many girls would throw away their lives for him. Actually, who am I kidding? Even with him being Seelie royalty, every girl would throw away their lives for him.

This book is the gateway to a series you’re about to become obsessed with, don’t let anything hold you back from it. Revile in the world that is Fever.


AC Magalhães

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