Book Review: Bloodfever

So, here are, book #2 in the Fever series and unfortunately, you’re already hooked. I know, tragic. I felt the same way, as much as I loved the first book I did not want to sucked into this world.

If you want to see how I felt about the first book, click here! I also chose some pictures that are similar to what some of the characters in that book looked like to me while reading it. Visual aids are always helpful.

Now that I’m sure you have read the first book I’m going to start explaining something about the story.

Just to recap, at the end of the first book Mac and JZB get into an epic battle with LM and Mac ends up getting seriously hurt after killing – or not killing? – Malluce, a wannabe or true-to-be vampire, the jury is still out on whether vampires actually exist or not. In that book Mac also discovers many things about herself and her late sister. There’s also the potential that Mac and Lane were seriously adopted and never told this their entire lives.

In Bloodfever some people disliked the behavior that Mac started having around her (adopted?) parents because she started acting like a child who just had her entire world shattered. Understandable, your sister dies, your world is ending AND you were adopted? Hard stuff to deal with guys.

Barrons, Barrons, Barrons. First, you save Mac. We love you yay!! Then, you chain Mac – uh weird dude. You try to monopolize Mac’s time, back off! And you somehow make us love and hate you all at once, puh-lease! Are you the Unseelie King? Are you Unseelie at all? What are you? Who are you? How do you know so much? WHY DOESN’T HE ANSWER ANY OF OUR QUESTIONS?!

Something I love about Karen is that she never gives you too much information. She sprinkles new facts about the Fever world here and there throughout all the drama and action and you don’t even realize half the time that you’ve been given a present until later when it all comes together.

Mac 2.0 is something you definitely appreciate in this story. She stands strongly behind her beliefs and she recognizes that Mac 1.o – pink, blond, barbie Mac – has no place in this new world that she has stepped into. Though there is still much to be learned for Mac you get the sense that she is growing in the right direction. She’s fighting off the weird companionship she feels for Barrons while trying to figure out what the heck V’lane wants from her. And not to mention, the creepy dark spirit stalker she gains from the beginning of the novel to the end.

Unfortunately this one ends in a bit of a cliffhanger, you get used to that from Karen. She likes to torture us. BUT! The next book is already out and ready to be read. I personally really enjoyed this one, much more than the first which is hard to believe because I did love the first one so.


I figured I would show you what I believe some of the new characters look like as well!

Christian MacKelter


Christian seems like such a sweetheart, honestly. And the fact that in my mind he is Richard Madden makes him even more lovable.

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