Book Review: The Hating Game

The Hating Game has to be one of the funnier books I’ve read this year thus far. Sally Thorne has a knack for making her characters so believably real, it’s a wonder they didn’t pop out and start reading their story with me!

It certainly came as a shock for me to find out that this was her first not, also that she was Australian (I’m a little upset there wasn’t more Australian slang mixed in!) Needless to say, I am more than upset that I have to wait for another heart wrenchingly funny novel from this up and coming author.

After waiting for so long to actually pick the story up, I kick past me for ever doubting the rave reviews surrounding it. There is a little something for every type of helpless romantic out there when reading The Hating Game. Completelyswoon worthy.

Something I would like to mention pretty early on in this review is the fact that the author kind of prefaces the story by having the main character, Lucy, explain that love and hate have just as much in common with each other as they do differences. Another thing that I admire from the beginning of this novel is the fact that she also finds an easy – and I mean super easy – way to explain how and why the two companies in th story merge (The Gamins and the Bexleys).

I identify with Lucy on a spiritual level. We are both 5 whole feet and we have unruly hair as well as aspirations to work in the book developing world. Basically, I am Lucy. As a character she is super likable, not once did I do the tell tale eye roll to the things she said or thought. In fact, about 90% I was right on board thinking the same thing she was at the same time! Don’t even get me started on her password changes! I might change mine to DIE-JOSH-DIE as well here shortly.

Lucy’s obsession with Josh’s wardrobe and overall work life is so typical of woman (not in a bad way, more in a “I’ve def done that a time or two” vibe). She even fails at an attempt of snooping through his office supplies!!! The hate that she has for him at the begging of the novel is almost palpable. I can feel her seething as I read her thought along the pages. Hell, even I hate Josh for a while there (all the while I secretly rooted for him because Lucy’s reactions to him were to dang funny). I can almost see her fist pumping every time she won a round of her little games.

After they start getting to really know each other, not just attributes that they can use against each other, you get the sense that there is no one who knows each other better than the other. Of course, this leads to some heartbreakingly perfect kiss scenes as well as wrenchingly sweet confession scenes on how they both feel about things. Let’s all never forget the WONDERFUL elevator scene. After that day, they cannot keep their hands off of each other.

This story has such a big hint of realism, many of the problems that the characters face are problems that many readers, or people who the readers know can or have identified with. Which just makes this novel even more approachable and likeable.

I love how smoothly Sally transitions everything throughout the story. Going from days to weeks was never confusing or even rushed while reading. Her feather like techniques even extend as far as to the character development. I noticed towards the end of the book that the main characters called each other by their favored nicknames instead of what they had originally started out with each other – and I looked back trying to figure out how and when it happened but Sally did such a good job with the subtly of the whole thing that it was nearly impossible to find!

I can’t get over how just plain funny and lovable The Hating Game is. I recommend it to anyone who needs a break some more strenuous reading or is looking  for a quick summer read! You will not regret picking it up!

Happy reading everyone, and don’t forget – it’s all just a game.

The rating I am giving this book is 95/100 because tbh there were a couple of times where the conversations lost me but that was the ONLY thing I could possible fault this book on besides it not being adapted into a movie already.

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