2018 New Year Resolutions

I’m not the type who truly believes in New Year Resolutions. I think they’re usually an excuse for people to put off doing things that they have wanted to do for a while – or even things they know they should be doing.

Every year as I watched the clock switch from 11:59pm on December 31st to 0:00am on January 1st I would think the same thing, “This year I’m going to try to be happier than last year.”

But as the clock switched and I devoured amazing food at a fancy restaurant on the beach of Tulum, Mexico, I couldn’t help but think that there was more I wanted to accomplish this year. More I wanted to do. So I finally purchased the domain to this blog, one that I’ve had for about 4 years (and one that no one knew about, talk about best kept secrets!), and decided I was ready to come out and make this hobby of mine public!

So, as the first public blog post on my beloved blog I will show my list of 2018 New Year Resolutions!

  1. Be happier than I was last year (of course, I plan to keep this)
  2. Don’t be nervous to share my blog and thoughts!
  3. Don’t forget that this is still the sunrise on my life (How do I trademark that? I’ve been telling it to myself for about a year now)
  5. Reach out! Networking is a real and useful tool

Of course this list my grow, as I take more steps out of my comfort zone. Who knows, maybe I’ll make all the private posts public one day – or maybe I won’t! The point is, I’m tired of being happy for friends who taken more steps towards their dreams and being scared to do the same and make a mistake.

Mistakes will happen, but I don’t want the biggest one being: not trying at all.

So let me know what you think, if you share some of the same resolutions?


Adriana Carroll

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